Some electronic humor

Back in about 1950 Philips assembled tubes in Norrköping here in Sweden. The parts arrived separately in form of anodes, grids, glass cage, heater etc. from Philips in the Netherlands. They were however marked as "Made in Sweden" but the only part that in fact was of Swedish origin was the vacuum.

The Phantasatron from Eitel-McCullough
presented on April, 1, 1950

A long time ago I received a "specification" for a "Polish operational amplifier" on a data sheet from National Semiconductor. I don't think this comes from NS but I had very fun reading it.

First page    Second page    Third page     Fourth page

I hope that the originators of the following   pictures appreciates the presentation of them.

This fantastic picture was found on a label from Tektronix.
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The following nice schematic diagrams were found in some old Tektronix oscilloscope manuals






And this in a Tek 650 monitor


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