Display & Counter Tubes
These tubes are used for displaying digits, characters or signs on clocks, frequency counters, digital multimeters, computer peripherals etc.

They can be divided into four categories depending upon the principle of operation.1. Gas filled (neon) discharge devices, consists of an anode in the form of a half cylinder or a mesh. The cathodes are shaped in the form of digits, letters or other signs. At a certain voltage there will be a discharge between the anode and the cathode, which results in an orange glow around the cathode. They are arranged for side or top viewing. Some tubes have a red coating to improve contrast. These tubes are sometimes called Nixie tubes. Nixie is a trademark by Burroughs Corp.

2. Numitron is a device from RCA with seven filaments forming a seven-segment digit. It operates on low voltage (5V).
3. Electron beam display tube. The only tube I have found of this kind is Telefunken's XM1000. 
4. Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs). A new device built on the principle of a triode.
5. Microprocessor controlled CRT. Another use for (old) CRTs
1A: Gas discharge tubes - side view:
Burroughs B7971
b7971-zfi.jpg (58673 byte)

 Large fifteen segment indicator that can show characters A-Z, digits etc.
gs-17a-s.gif (65271 byte)
With some signs only.
Rodan MG-17G
mg-17g.jpg (7036 bytes)
 seven segment gas discharge tube. The character is 10 mm high.
Burroughs NL7037
nl7037.jpg (33257 bytes)

A giant Nixie with 50 mm high digits.

zm1000a.jpg (9042 bytes)
Small tube showing 0-9. Digits are 14 mm high.
zm1001a.jpg (9884 bytes)
Small tube for digital voltmeters
zm1002a.jpg (8137 bytes)
Small tube for frequency counters
zm1040.jpg (20378 bytes)
from Philips and others. Digits are 30 mm high.

Data on other tubes for side view:
ZM1005   ZM1010   ZM1011   ZM1012  ZM1013  ZM1014
ZM1030  ZM1031  ZM1032  ZM1033  ZM1080   ZM1081
ZM1100   ZM1162  ZM1174  ZM1175  ZM1176  ZM1177
ZM1230  ZM1310  ZM1320  ZM1325
Z566M  Z568M  Z570M  Z573M  Z574M  Z590M  Z870M
1B: Gas discharge tubes - top view
ZM1020 and ZM1022
zm1020.jpg (6558 bytes)
ZM1021 and ZM1023
zm1021.jpg (12402 bytes)
ZM1024 and ZM1025

ZM1180 and ZM1182
zm1180.jpg (9343 bytes)

 15 mm digits.
ZM1181 and ZM1183
zm1183a.jpg (5239 bytes)


Burroughs B6091

digits 0-9. 

Burroughs B5971.

 Thirteen  segment indicator that can show a lot of things.

cd13.jpg (18596 byte)

Miniature nixie
cd16.jpg (48657 byte)

STC G10/200E
g10-200e.jpg (35202 byte)
Russian IN-1
in1.jpg (9063 byte)

Burroughs HB105 "Pixie"

Other tubes for top view:
1C: Gas discharge tubes - multi digit
ZM1200 - ZM1202 - ZM1204 - ZM1206
zm1200.jpg (22100 bytes)

Philips Pandicon, an indicator tube with 14, 12, 10 or 8 digits designed for multiplexed operation in electronic desk top calculators. It has one 17-pin socket in each end. Digits are 10 mm high.
2: Numitron tubes
RCA DR2110
3. Electron Beam Display Tubes
xm1000-d5.gif (21407 byte)
Telefunken XM1000

4. Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs)
2x20vfd.jpg (44966 byte)
Although not an old fashion device, I think it is worth presenting since it is based upon the old vacuum triode.
5. Microprocessor controlled CRT

David Forbes has constructed this "Scope Clock" which utilizes a CRT as the display device which is controlled by a tiny microcomputer. The numerals are formed from circles, arcs and lines. No pixels are used. The CRT phosphor is protected from burn-in by moving the display imperceptibly slowly over a small distance in X and Y.
Click on the picture for more info.
6. Beam deflection counter

7. Counter tubes
These tubes combines the function of a counter and display device.



8. Selector tubes
These tubes works in the same way as the counter tubes except that all cathodes have individual pins.




. . Z504S
9. Register tubes
GR10 . . .